The famous athletes in the world list
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ESPN unveiled a 2017 one hundred famous athletes in the world list, this list calculation by ESPN data analysis group director Ben Allah farmar (Ben Alamar), combined with the athlete's salary and endorsement income, social media and Internet searches influence, finally it is concluded that ranking Online Game Shop. We start with Forbes' annual list of top athletes and expand international and domestic sources to ensure we don't ignore any potential candidates. We also asked ESPN journalists from around the world to investigate, including colleagues in Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

As one of the first players in football and one of the best in history, ronaldo is still dazzled by his skill and pride. Maybe real Madrid this season at home to individual fans booing to vaguely felt the 32, his state of decline, however, he still led real Madrid and Portugal respectively achieved huge success, the champions league and uefa cup and successfully won last year's golden globes. Interestingly, the individual statue of ronaldo, the first man in football, is not the best individual statue at Madrid airport, and even he feels the statue is not like him at all. Former real Madrid and Portugal coach carlos quelos said of ronaldo: "he's the Michael Jordan in football. Both of them have a rare talent."


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