EA\'s NBA Live has been brilliant in the past
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As we all know, "NBA Live 17" had previously announced the release to the early 2017 sale, but now is 2017 in February, and the NBA season have been hit half, the game is still not listed meaning. Obviously, "NBA Live 17" has been bounced again, then it can only be sold in the autumn of 2017, which in essence will be "NBA Live 17" into "NBA Live 18" (manual funny). In the third quarter of 2017 earnings conference call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson talked about the "NBA Live" project, he said this development as "a journey." He said that in the 2017-2018 NBA season NBA Live Coins before the start, "NBA Live" will definitely be completely released, which is in the "double bet".

As a "gun ball" one of the three games, ball games in the player has been very market, and today we come to talk about one of the most talked about basketball games. Speaking of basketball games, you have to mention the players are very familiar with the "NBA 2K" and "NBA Live" series. EA's "NBA Live" has been brilliant in the past, but in 2005 encountered Waterloo. 2K Sports's "NBA 2K" to overwhelm the occupation of the basketball game market, "NBA Live" from slump.

Now, "NBA Live" series has become a very troublesome problem EA. Fortunately, EA deep, it is their commitment to the reconstruction of "NBA Live" project is an important reason. And the other hand, "NBA 2K", it is not just a professional basketball game market leader, more dominated the meaning of monopoly, this pattern we do not see signs of change in the short term.


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