Several new rules to make football safer
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Colleges and universities in the United States have a long history of football. In 1876, four universities, harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia, formed the first college football league in the United States. More than 600 college football teams in the United States belong to 60 rugby leagues, the most important of which is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In 1920, the Football Association (American Professional Football Association, APFA) was established in Canton, Ohio a Hupmobile car dealers, legendary athlete Jim Thorpe, Jim Thorpe was elected President. The 11-team organization, which is in the Midwest except for a team, was initially less of a league and more like a no-poaching agreement. In the early days, APFA members continued to play against non-apfa members. In 1921, APFA began listing official rankings and renamed the National Football League Madden 17 Coins the following year. The American football movement has since entered a period of rapid development.

Several new rules to make football safer, including setting neutral zone between the attack line, and each team should have at least 7 players in attack line array, but the most important first threw forward the reform of the legal. The ball was highly controversial at the time and was ridiculed by purists. In order to distract players from the game, camp proposed widening the pitch. But the harvard delegates at the meeting, referring to their newly built harvard stadium, had no room for expansion, so they adopted a throwaway proposal. It also sets up the difference between American football and other football games that have evolved from rugby. In 1910, after more deaths, the series was banned. In 1912, the score increased to six points, and each possession was added to the fourth offense. At this time, the game has been reformed to the modern look.


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