The offseason team changes
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From the Pittsburgh Penguin won the 2016-17 season Stanley Cup championship trophy has been more than a month's time, the Union's expansion draft and rookie draft also came down last month, the offseason period of the team Taking advantage of the opening of the free agent trading market has been ongoing large and small transactions and signing, in the past more than 50 days the league took place a lot of players change. Although there are still very the team is still looking for the right deal and doing the lineup on the adjustment, but the general has been settled, alone from the paper speaking, the strength of many teams have been significantly improved, of course There is no lack of losers exist Cheap NHL 17 Coins. The following is our off-season according to the team players to do a simple order, so that everyone on the team's current team has a general understanding of today's introduction is the Union Metropolitan Division 8 teams The

This summer is destined for the capital is very tough, although in the playoffs this year, although has enough luxury lineup but still red crown defeat, offseason team changes, including Kevin - Shatten Cock, Justin - Williams, Carl - Alzner, Marcus - Johansson and Nate - Schmidt, including many players have now all left the team. Although there are still TJ O'Shea, Yevgeny - Kuzny Zev and Dmitry - Orlov choose to stay in the team, but the three players also increased the annual salary rise, which is in the era of hard salary cap The team seems not too good news. Missed the best time to win, once so luxury lineup is also difficult to copy.

It was no better than the championship parade to open this year's offseason, but at the same time, the success of the two consecutive penguins also lost a lot of good players this summer, including: Mark - Andre - blessing Leroy, Nick - Bonino, Matt - Coulomb, Ron - Heinrich, Chris - Kunitz and others. Despite the addition of goalkeeper Antioch Nimi and winger Ryan - Rivers, it would be harder for the penguins to go back next year if they wanted to continue to defend.


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