The exhaustive change of Rocket League
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One of the best discoveries last year, the car meets the football match Rocket League has been evolving since we last discussed in detail how to become a professional. It caused a series of changes in January of this year, and then a month to reach the Xbox One, launched in March the new game mode, basketball, and now is Friday's retail version rising. At that time, the Rockets Union has managed to add 15 million unique players, according to game developer Psyonix. The success of the game prompted them in the June 24 in India and Europe and July 5 in North America for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released the rocket alliance.

If you expect PC physical version - usually cheaper - think again. The CD-ROM version is a proprietary console in India. Like other parts of the United States, although it gets it on a PC, but you may want to import it. It is called the rocket league collection because it gives you a digital copy. So if you want to take it up, but do not expect your money - rupee. 1,999 - this is an exhaustive change Buy Rocket League Crates and extra content that you will get with the game's physical copy: There are three game modes: SEG card, basketball and snow.

When the game was launched in July last year, the Rockets Alliance had only one model to offer - the rocket-launched car pushed to the big football to reach the target. It was later called Soccar, a football drama - how Americans mentioned football - and cars. In December, as a way to celebrate the festival, Psyonix introduced a new "Snow Day" model, replacing a giant football with a giant ice hockey. This model should be limited until the end of the year to play online, but in February re-launched, and has been maintained. It changed the game in an important way - the ice hockey is not like a football from all sides.


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