The crazy 3v3 ranking Rocket League game
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In the two years of the Rocket League, the game has won a huge fan base, held a huge e-sports competition, YouTube has more than 6.5 million films. But how is this game popular On the one hand, competitive games can attract so many players. I'm not a footballer, though i used to be at FIFA, but the Rocket League is on another level. While it sounds like a simple idea, but hiding the depth of the game. While anyone can pick up a controller and get a goal, but when you see what professional players Buy Rocket League Crates can do, how do they manipulate their cars, increase the air across the field, from the most crazy point of view, It is easy to see why this game attracts so many players of different skill levels, whether you are a casual player and friends to play fast games, or participate in a crazy 3v3 ranking game.

While Psyonix should be praised for the game itself, they do an incredible job, support and add extra features to make sure players always have reason to go back to the game, except for its highly competitive game. Since launch, they have released multiple updates, including new areas, customizing your car's way, and even new game modes. These new game modes range from a new option called "Long Fort", allowing you to randomly start the game, the game from football into ice hockey or even basketball. The biggest part of all this is the addition of the game mode is completely free. Have to buy a new car and the key is to unlock the game to win the choice of the box, but these are all options for the Rocket League each player to play the game to add the pattern to all the cosmetics.

The new car that can be purchased is popular in the popular culture of the car, including "back to the future of Del Loren", "Batmobile", "crazy wild", "hot round" and so on. When you watch their highly competitive games and keep up to date, it's easy to see why the Rocket League belongs to your own league. Only before we see Psyonix can get this popular title, we will know how much time.


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