The style of modern American football
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The style of modern American football developed in 1874 at Harvard University's three-game series at Montreal's McGill university. McKiel played similar English football Madden 17 Coins at the time, while harvard used a more similar "Boston" style. There is no uniform ball case, so the two teams take turns to play their own game to show fairness. Harvard players liked to run the ball in rugby, and in 1875 they persuaded Yale to use the ball as an example for their two teams. In 1875, Yale, harvard, Princeton and Columbia universities made up the Intercollegiate Football Association, but the scores were slightly altered.

In 1880, Yale university coach Walter Camp (Walter Camp) has introduced the attack line to replace tied for formation of style of rugby, provided each party member 11 people, including defender 4 and 7 striker, a bench. The game is divided into four sections, each of which is 15 minutes, between sections 1 and 2, and between sections 3 and 4, taking a 2-minute break and a 20-minute break between the 2nd and 3rd sections. The game was played at 120 yards and 160 feet wide. A goal line is set at 10 yards before the end line. The distance between the two goal lines is 100 yards and the goal is set in the middle of the end line. The system is the same as the English rugby, but the American ball is slightly smaller than the British one. When the game is played, the player will bring the ball to the other side of the ball to get a six points; You can also play the set-piece again, such as the set-piece that kicks off the opponent's crossbar, and you can score one more point, with the other situation scoring three points. The holder of the ball was squeezed out of the terminal and the defender scored two points.


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