Where the player is detached from the scene
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Madden 17 taken a big step in the right direction, they in the connection of franchise mode made a big decision, and has the ability to let players injured early, and at the risk of injuries. I want to take another step. It is not realistic for a player to play the whole game at 100 per cent more than they should have three weeks ago. This is why most teams use the snapshot count limit. Entering the game, the coach has set up a number of games players will play in the game Madden Coins. This way you can get the player back to the game so you can reduce your chances of serious injury.

Another cool feature seen in Madden's franchise is the ability to perform poorly on the CPU. Take the New York jets. The jet really doesn't have a real # 1 start quarterback. With Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith and Bryce Petty, the starting quarterback position is a fair competition for everyone. If Fitzpatrick is going to start at the start of the season 0-4, with three attempts at seven interceptions, the jet should consider either Petty or Geno. CPU is not good for cpus and players will not be punished.

In today's NFL, it seems more common than injury. If you find a team that hasn't been suspended in 2016, it's actually surprising. That makes it hard for players like me to keep the franchise through the roster. Since players can't pause or suspend their use in Madden, it's almost impossible to stop the actual NFL players on Madden. Now, I know, Madden doesn't want to join the suspension because of the negative outlook it brings, but I think I have a fix. Add functionality to add players to the pause list, and you don't have to specify what the player is suspended. This allows you to maintain a sense of reality where the player is detached from the scene, while Madden and EA still maintain a good image.


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